The 2019 growing season at Les Embruns vineyards was marked by a cold spring followed by an extreme heatwave, especially in the month of June. The effects of this heatwave were lessened by the sea breezes called ‘les Embruns’, after which our winery is named. They keep us cool and allow our rosés of the sands to retain very regular qualities of freshness and elegance.

In this context, being close to the sea was a major advantage for our wines. The humidity brought to the vines every night during the summer allowed water to pass through the leaves in a period when drought was causing havoc in vineyards located in the scrubland and on the hillsides.
The Sable de Camargue terroir also escaped the many problems of sun-scorching suffered by other organic vineyards in Languedoc.

Concerning the health of the vines, the 2019 vintage was of exceptional quality with practically no fungal issues. The grapes were harvested without the slightest trace of botrytis, mildew, or white rot.

In the end, the harvest date was quite close to the usual date.
The conditions were very good with dry weather and quite cool nightly temperatures which helped protect the musts against oxidation.
Our capacity to harvest quickly and at the right time thanks to our modern equipment allowed us to harvest the grapes within a short period. This is a definite advantage because the different varietals had all reached maturity at practically the same time (linked to the fact that they also all flowered at almost the same moment in spring).

The profile of this vintage is characterised by quite low acidity (linked to the heat of June), but lovely roundness and natural sweetness. The fact that the grapes were harvested when the temperatures were lowest and our mastery of the pressing stages allowed us to obtain pale colours with a beautiful sheen.