Charles and


Sand seems to flow in this family’s veins. Charles Saumade (the son) is the 5th generation of winegrowers to tend the vines of this beautiful estate situated in the Petite Camargue. He was born and raised in this land and, despite his young age, he is acutely aware of the advantages and difficulties of growing vines here. And, like his fellow winegrowers, he is aware of how lucky he is to work on such a special terroir. Even if walking in the sand day-in day-out is not always easy, this soil nevertheless offers several benefits and notably that of facilitating an organic approach, a must for this talented young winegrower.

He loves the direct connection with the sea which gives this briny character to his grapes and his wines. And, year after year, he tests and perfects his technique of working the soil and tending his vines, always respecting nature and this exceptional environment of Camargue.

Each vintage is different and a winegrower’s work is a constant renewal.