Frédéric Gasc

At the Mas du Canard, the Gasc family has been cultivating the passion of the vine for 4 generations. Today it is Frédéric who is at the head of the domain, meeting! "I am a child from Camargue. My family has been growing vines for 4 generations. I was born in it, with my hands in the ground, and I confess that I have never considered any other way than this. My family, my heritage, my Camargue and my vineyards... this is where I feel at home. I inherited this passion from my great-grandfather’s vineyard. 

I first made my weapons in the vineyard then naturally took over the farm after my father. I have been a winemaker for 35 years now, and the passion does not fade. I love working here, being in touch with nature and respecting it. Working in organic farming is obvious.'

Les Embruns is definitely a wine of enthusiasts but above all a wine of sharing. Frédéric describes it as "It is a very fruity and very fresh wine, to be enjoyed with friends during an outdoor party".