Nathalie BRUEL

et Brigitte Surrusca

​It is in this sunny setting that the know-how of the Bruel family, in both winegrowing and winemaking, allows them to create wines renowned for their many qualities and their specificity.

After following different paths in their early years, Brigitte and Nathalie took over the family vineyard together in a spirit of respect for nature and the vines, converting the estate to organic agriculture as of 2008.

Here everything is about balance… when asked to describe the Appellation they choose the words “earth”, “sea”, “sun” and “salt”. The salt of life which gives character to this terroir, and character is something that these two ladies of the South of France have in abundance. They know how lucky they are to work with their “feet in the sand”. But make no mistake, just like their father before them, they have a profound knowledge of the terroir and are devoted to protecting and promoting it. Nathalie is particularly active in supporting independent winegrowers in the Gard department of France.