Born from the sea

Les Embruns transports you to the heart of southern France, where untamed nature expresses itself with untamed beauty.

The vines, caressed by the Mediterranean sea spray, give birth to this wine of great freshness with mineral and saline notes.

Labelled an organic wine since 2008, Les Embruns embodies a viticulture that is more respectful of the environment and local biodiversity.

Organic agriculture

In the heart of the vineyard, organic viticulture is much more than a simple practice, it's a philosophy of life. The winegrowers value and preserve the unique natural heritage of southern France, work the soils rigorously to respect local biodiversity, and are subject to strict controls.

The efforts we devote to this environmentally-friendly approach, which enhances the health of the soil and the quality of our grapes, were rewarded by the award of the Agriculture Biologique label in 2008, making Les Embruns one of the pioneers of organic farming in the wine world.

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